Lagoon Cruises, Le Maitai -

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A real must-do activity for visitors to Bora Bora is a half day or full day Lagoon Cruise. The tour is highly recommended, and offers excellent value for money ! 

Step aboard and cruise along the crystal clear waters of the lagoon on your way to an amazing snorkel in the Coral Garden. Tropical fish come right up to your mask. It is a great thing to do, even if you have never snorkeled before. All equipment is provided

Don't miss the opportunity to swim with stingrays and feed the sharks

Then the boat will take you to a truly magical place where you can feed rays and sharks. This is an exciting, once in a lifetime experience. All this takes place in shallow water and is entirely safe. The rays are friendly and social animals and they like to be admired and touched. 

You will see gracious black tip reef sharks, about 1.5 m long, and they are not at all aggressive. They eat reef fish only and even the most curious ones have no interest in taking a bite of you. 

After all this excitement it is time for a lovely Polynesian picnic on a secluded Motu. Enjoy the flavors of original French Polynesian food and learn about Tahitian culture with hands-on experiences like cracking a coconut open with nothing but a stick. 

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