The Language, Le Maitai -

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Image: Tahiti Tourisme

French and Tahitian are the two official languages of French Polynesia. People who work in tourism can often also speak English and some Japanese, German and Italian. 

It is definitely useful to know a bit of French when travelling to Bora Bora, but do not worry if you don’t speak it very well. With a positive attitude, It is easy to get by

Tahitian, also known as Maohi, is spoken more than written, and it belongs to the group of Polynesian languages that also include Samoan, Maori, Hawaiian, and Tongan.
Tahitian grammar is phonetic, simple and rather straightforward. It is easy to pick up some of the native language while here.

Here are a few words in English, French and Tahitian

Hello Bonjour Ia ora na 
Welcome   Bienvenue   Maeva  
How are you?  Ça va?  E aha te huru?
All is great!  Tout va bien, ça va   Maitai!  
No problem  Pas de problem  Aita pe’ape’a
I don’t understand  Je ne comprends pas  Aita i ta’a ia’u 
Cheers (for drinking)   Santé!   Manuia  
Thank you Merci Mauru'uru

'Mauru'uru!' (thank you) – is the only word you really need to know and a genuine smile will get you far...